Here at TrackPad, we break the conventional learning culture with out-of-the-box entrepreneurship solutions. We offer training and long-term solutions for your career from
learning to execution with a wide variety of techniques. Here at Trackpad, our focus is not to compete with others but to open opportunities for those who want to excel and grow. Our
enrollment process is highly based on your skills, mindset, and cultural values.
Our vision is to provide opportunities along with a women entrepreneur-friendly environment in
Pakistan. As our CEO envisions a highly trained professional workforce with 60 trained women
entrepreneurs each year to compete with the current global demands by focusing on technology and innovations.

The Advantages of Being Part Trackpad
Transformation of individuals working as freelancers
Earning is based on the total generated sales.
Understanding your market and your worth.
Additional earnings to support household
We promote Made in Pakistan product culture helping the small industry.
Adding Information Technology and Domestic Product Exports.
Process start to end

How It Works?

Create Your Profile
Reach out to us with your eCommerce profile mentioning your experience, past projects, Current association with ecommerce and services offered as VA, along with a cover letter explaining why working with track-pad can bring a change to your career
Confirming your Enrollment
After receiving approval from our team, you will be emailed. The next step is to conduct a live zoom session where our 1st tier leadership will conduct an interview based on the cover letter you have provided.
Go Live
Welcome to TrackPad family, You have now successfully launched your 1st product under our umbrella. We are now available 24×7 to assist you at any point from listing setup, content, keywords, PPC or any hurdle you may have.
Profile Approval
Once we receive your profile our team lead will start reviewing your profile(which can take up to 48 hours). If we determine that your profile is a good fit, someone from our team will reach out to you Via Email confirming your acceptance with Trackpad.
Just Before Onboarding
If accepted by our Leadership, we will allocate you a product which will be available for you to get started right away, in this phase you will be working with our lead to develop your business strategy and generate the business plan which you will carry out in order to make the selected product successful.
Satisfaction Guranteed

What to Expect After You Are Live

We have just created a lifelong opportunity for you not just by investing in a product but to enable an additional stream of income for you. From 1st sale till the last, our promise is to help you maximize and achieve sales which will benefit you by taking 45% of the total profit from home