Freight Services


Reduce transit times, and increase visibility for freight coming from China.

Freight is an end-to-end managed freight and inventory distribution program working alongside Flexport’s Flow Direct LCL shipping program that enables merchants to reduce time-in-transit, lower freight costs, and distribute inventory more strategically across ShipBob fulfillment centers.

Get products to customers faster, increase revenue, and forecast with greater precision.

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Customer Story

TrackPad + Flexport deliver a container from
China in 15 days to make Black Friday sales.


Thanks to TrackPad freight program, we had no stress and were super well-stocked for the rest of the year and into 2022, without any kind of inventory issues that have plagued us in the past.

The first shipment that we had with TrackPad…I mean, it was amazing. We beat the average freight time it’s taken to move something from Asia to our warehouse in LA by at least 50% — and it was easier and cost us less money. What’s not to love about that?[/dt_quote]

Program Benefits

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Faster transit times

2x faster than comparable LCL products

Inventory is loaded onto faster ships with priority discharge in LA and Long Beach ports shortening transit time to 15-30 days. ShipBob customers get access to guaranteed weekly sailings from China directly to ShipBob fulfillment centers in the U.S. With highly competitive rates available for shipments as small as 1 cubic meter, keep your inventory flowing and your shelves stocked.[/dt_quote]

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More reliability

100% reliability for departure week.

Catch guaranteed weekly sailings, clear customs during transit, skip destination transload and CFS steps — all to help you achieve predictability and growth. You’ll also get priority dock space at ShipBob FCs. Bring inventory to market faster with dedicated containers for ShipBob merchants that go straight to our warehouses. See, action, and communicate about shipment exceptions in the same place the shipment lives.[/dt_quote]

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Lower Cost

When compared to Air or Premium Ocean FCL

Spot market rates prevent accurate forecasting for merchants. Varying freight rates result in profit degradation and/or increased cost for consumers. This program offers flat per cubic-meter (CBM) freight rate pricing for simplicity and ease.

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Smarter Distribution

Distribute inventory faster, and more directly.

Once your inventory arrives in a US port, we get that inventory distributed faster and more intelligently across US fulfillment centers.

Midwest Express: Allows merchants to get full containers to middle US more reliably.

Cross-docking: de-consolidate containers or LTL shipments for distribution to multiple warehouses.

Managed Freight/Inventory Distribution: We’ll book freight on your behalf for managed inventory distribution.[/dt_quote]


Existing Customers

1. Am I a good fit?

TrackPad’s Managed Freight Program is designed for small or medium sized omni-channel sellers shipping at least one cubic-meter (CBM) of eCommerce replenishment via air or ocean cargo. Get connected to our team of fulfillment experts by filling out the form below.

2. Request a booking.

Once onboarded onto the program you can request bookings instantly with a ~24-hour turnaround.
Weekly guaranteed sailings make it easy to confirm your booking promptly.

3. Arrange pick-up.

Prefer your own trucker or agent at origin? No problem—they can easily coordinate with Flexport’s CFS for delivery. Prefer we handle pickup? It’s simple and easy to arrange. We’re market competitive and provide real-time visibility.

4. Sit back and relax.

Your cargo will be on a fast boat service en route to a West Coast or East Coast port with guaranteed weekly shipments. Your inventory will arrive at a TrackPad warehouse with priority unloading, skipping any added deconsolidation, and what can often be multiple days waiting times to de-van.

Not A Customer Yet?

1. Request a quote.

TrackPad is a global logistics platform that fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands.

Get connected to our team of fulfillment experts by filling out the form below.

2. Get onboarded.

Get partnered with a TrackPad implementation specialist and create a plan to start distributing  inventory across any of our 30+ global fulfillment centers.

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Is this faster than traditional LCL shipments?

Current standard LCL averages ~45-60 days which disrupts the ability to strategize inventory. This program targets a ~20-30 day transit from origin port to partner fulfillment center. We leverage faster ships, pre-approved containers to clear customs with ease, and head straight to ShipBob warehouses skipping the deconsolidation step at port.

What types of goods are eligible?

Palletized goods, any commodity except food, cotton, and dangerous goods or regulated goods. This includes but is not limited to lithium-ion batteries, goods that are regulated or subject to Other Government Agency (OGA) review (e.g., FDA, FCC, etc.). Cargo can be picked at origin or dropped at CFS.

How can I ensure container space is available when I need it?

Sailing schedules are provided weekly and gives the ability to choose the best fit date. Securing space on these containers will be simple, transparent, and guaranteed.

Where are your Asian departure ports?

China: Shanghai & Yantin Area.

Are insurance and customs duties included?

No. Origin pick-up charges, customs duties and taxes, insurance are excluded. Cargo Insurance, Customs Clearance and Import Fees (duty and tax) are extra because these fees are determined on the type of / value of your shipment.

Are delivery and customs fees included?

Yes freight rate, delivery charges at destination, custom clearance fees are all included.